We are looking for sponsors to provide towards our running costs and the means for our resources to make Jams happen. We’ve been running on mostly community contributions so far, which has allowed us to provide food for participants at the Jams.

If you would like to help the Raspberry Jam, you can donate via the event’s eventbrite page (‘Sponsorship Contribution’) – any amount would be gratefully received. Typical donations are £5, £10 and £20.

If you or your company are able to donate on a larger scale, maybe £50 or £100, this would help us a lot. Donations can be made through the eventbrite or otherwise arranged with our organiser Ben. Please contact him to discuss this.

Also, we welcome donations of new or second-hand flatscreen monitors (with a non-VGA display output), or even unwanted Raspberry Pis.

Another event you can help is the Raspberry Jamboree, the big Raspberry Pi conference in Manchester on 9th March 2013, organised by Alan O’Donahoe.

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