Raspberry What?

The Raspberry Pi is a credit-card-sized single-board computer developed in the UK by the Raspberry Pi Foundation with the intention of promoting the teaching of basic computer science in schools.

Raspberry How?

You connect it up to a TV or monitor, plug in a mouse and keyboard and you’re off! It’s powered by a phone charger and its operating system runs off an SD card – there are a number of Linux distributions available for download.

Follow instructions to write the OS image to your SD card, or you can buy one pre-installed. The recommended standard distribution is Raspbian (based on Debian) which has a full graphical desktop interface. Alternatives for different purposes are available, such as various XBMC ones for setting up a media centre!

Raspberry Where?

Raspberry Jam events happen all over the world. The Manchester one is held monthly at Madlab. Find out about other locations at raspberryjam.org.uk

Raspberry How Much?

Model A costs about £20 [256MB RAM / No Ethernet / 1 USB port]

Model B costs about £27 [512MB RAM / Ethernet / 2 USB ports]

You can buy from Farnell or RS Components. Both now ship in under a week 🙂

Raspberry What Else?

There’s an app store for the Pi – it comes bundled with the Raspbian distribution. Anyone can submit Pi apps for free or for sale!

There are plenty of accessories available for the Pi – cases, add-on boards, wireless connectors, USB hubs, etc. You can buy accessories from Farnell and RS Components as well as a number of independent retailers. Check out Pibow by Pimoroni, PiFaceThe MagPi, AdaFruit and ModMyPi. There’s also a store at raspberrypi.com

Raspberry Who?

The Raspberry Pi Foundation is a Cambridge based charity founded in 2009 to put the Pi in to development and, overall, to promote the study of computer science in schools.

Raspberry Jam is the name given to a Raspberry Pi user group event. The idea was formed by Preston based ICT teacher Alan O’Donahoe and the first event was held at Manchester’s Madlab in June 2012.

The Manchester Raspberry Jam is run by local software developer Ben Nuttall, supported by Madlab.

Raspberry Why?

The Raspberry Pi is a very cheap computer which runs Linux and can be used to write computer programs. Many young (and older) people have taken the opportunity to learn to code using languages like Python, or build interactive games using programs like Scratch. the opportunities are endless – the Raspberry pi blog is a constant stream of amazing innovative uses for the Pi. My favourite is Pi In The Sky!

Read more about the Pi at the Raspberry Pi FAQs and check out the blog.

Raspberry More?

Here’s a fantastic talk given by Raspberry Pi evangelist Rob Bishop:

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